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When To Refinish Your Floors

Telltale signs, Refinishing vs Recoating, and more.

You might be asking yourself “when do I refinish my floors?” or “how often should I be refinishing my floors?” and like many things in the home renovation process, the answer is typically the same - it depends!

Refinishing/finishing - Sanding your wood floor down to bare wood, removing any old finishes and applying new layers of finish to protect it. This allows us to change the color of your floors and start fresh with new waterbased-polyurethane to protect your floors for years to come. Floors can also be stained, as well as finished with oil based polyurethanes/impact oil!

Recoat - A maintenance coat achieved by prepping the existing finished floor and applying an additional layer of polyurethane to protect and refresh your floors. Recoating does NOT do anything to address any color issues or scratches that may exist beyond the very top layer of existing finish.

So how do you know which process is right for you?

Telltale signs it is time to refinish your floor:

Wear and Tear

You might notice your once beautiful floor is starting to show its age. You are now noticing more and more grey/dirty in the high traffic areas of your home like your kitchen and entryways and no matter what you do you can’t seem to clean it out. This is due to the existing finish wearing out and what’s left of the finish is nearing the end of its life. At this point, it’s time to refinish your floors - but good news - Saulnier Floors uses the highest quality, most durable and scratch resistant waterbased finishes on the market!

I Want to Change the Color

Are you painting, remodeling or just tired of the color of your floors? If so, consider refinishing your floors or even staining them!

I Like The Color But Want My Floors to Pop!

If you are looking to just refresh your floors without changing the color, but maybe you want to change the sheen - a recoat might be the perfect choice for your floors. This maintenance coat is designed to prolong the life of your floors, while breathing new life into them and addressing minor scratches and scuffs!

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