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Prefinished Flooring: Learn More

Prefinished, or factory-finished flooring is just that. It arrives to your jobsite already sanded and finished - and possibly even stained too! Despite not being an entirely new concept, prefinished flooring has absolutely skyrocketed in terms of popularity over the last several decades. Like any industry, increases in flooring technology has allowed the manufacturers to push the limit in terms of what is possible in flooring, from unique wood species, beautiful custom stains, high quality UV cured polyurethane finishes, and maybe most popularly: WIDE PLANKS!

Here are some of the reasons we LOVE prefinished floors

Color, color, color!

Our specially curated showroom in Peabody, Massachusetts is sure to have something that catches your eyes - whether you’ve got an exact color in mind or you want to explore the possibilities of the latest and greatest trends in wood flooring, we know you will end up with a flooring option designed to last a lifetime!

Sanding and Refinishing

So you put prefinished floors in your house and 10, 15, 20 years go by and your floors are showing signs of wear. Well, good news! Because you opted to go with a high quality, prefinished floor with a wear layer thick enough to be sanded as many times as a traditional onsite sand and finish!

Repair? Oh no! Oh yes!

Water damage? Pet stain? You dropped a brick on your floor and it gouged a single board or entire section of flooring? Fear not! Unlike in a traditional onsite sand and finished floor, if you need to perform a spot repair on a single board, or multiple boards, you’re in luck - they can be replaced without the need of sanding and refinishing the entire room/house! Another reason we always recommend customers buy an additional allotment of prefinished floor

ing to keep on hand in storage, as you never know when you might need to repair your floors!


To compensate for tolerances in the manufacturing process, prefinished floors are milled with small microbevels on the edge of each board, allowing for a seamless installation! Going wide plank? We love the fact that these microbevels highlight the width of each board, showing off the beauty in each individual wood plank.

Give us a call today to set up a time to view our beautiful wide plank showroom in Peabody!


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